The Sixth (and Seventh) of Seven Reasons 
Why the Prophetic Solar Year 
is Set to Y2K-Day




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The great importance of 144 x 40 years
(or, 5760 years from the creation to Y2K)


Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was 5760 years from the Jewish traditional date (used in their own calendar) for the creation of the world. It happens that 5760 years is:

144 generations of 40 years
or, 480 x 12
or, 360 x 16
And it is also 6 generations of 40 years short of 6000 years. 

Each of the above combination of numbers are important to the 360 calendar. This is no small proof that the year of Y2K is that year (and day) chosen by God to reveal the full details of the 360 calendar, since the 360 calendar (as based on the solar year set to Y2K) is in perfect harmony with the number of years from the creation to Y2K.

5760 years is 144 (12 x 12) generations of 40 years
'40' is a generation in the bible, and it is also a basic unit of years in the 360-calendar.
'12' denotes the 12 tribes of Israel
'12 x 12' (144) denotes the universal reign of His people, (see Rev. 7 and 21:16-17).
Meaning: Jesus will reign over the 12 tribes of Israel from generation to generation; and He shall reign, with His people, over the whole universe for ever and forever. The reign of Gentile kingdoms (and their pompous parties as displayed among the nations of the world on Y2K) are soon coming to an end!

Read Ps. 72,  "He (the son of David---Jesus) shall endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon throughout all generations," (vs. 5). This is the very purpose of the 360 calendar. The calendar is not meant to live by now, but is a sign that this Psalm (and many other prophecies like it) will certainly come to pass. The sun and the moon will endure forever (and so will the 360-calendar)---and thus, even so will the reign of Christ. This is the reason why the calendar spreads out into the vast ages to come. It is simply helping us all to get a feel of what eternity is like.


5760 years is 480 x 12
480 is an important unit in the bible calendar.  The fact that it is in relationship to the number 12 means that Israel (i.e., the 12 tribes) is in view here. As you read the rest of this page, you will see its constant use.

5760 years is 360 x 16
A day can represent a year in the bible, (and a prophetic year has 360 days). The 360 calendar makes much use of this phenomenon. For instance, the cycles of the 360 calendar are 40 x 96 x '3600' x 6400 years.
'16' (years of years) is 4 squared. 'Four' is the number of trial (as is 40), or of 'the four ends of the earth.' Here it signifies both. See Rev. 7:1, where the angel "is standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth"...until the 144 thousand (12,000 from each tribe) are sealed. This great day hastens. Are you ready?

A closer look at what the numbers in the 360 calendar mean,
and why the sign of Y2K:

The 360 calendar is made up of basic cycles of 40 years that are grouped together into much larger units that form patterns. These patterns use numbers that are symbolic of this eternal reign of Jesus the Messiah; and the length of years from the creation (according to the tradition of the Jews, i.e., 5760 years) uses the very same numbers that the 360 calendar uses. This is why the sign of Y2K is so important---it is 5760 years from the creation. For one thing, '5760' is 1.5 times the calendar cycle of 3840 years.

For instance: The 40 year cycles are intercalated every 96 cycles (40 x 96) by dropping a month at the end of that time (i.e., = 3840 years). Now, 3840 is 8 x 480 years, and 480 is 12 generations (of 40 years). Now, the number '8' is the number of a new creation; the number 12 speaks of the 12 tribes of Israel; and the number 40 is a generation. Put them together, and we have the full meaning: "The new creation reign of Jesus Christ over the 12 tribes of Israel." 

The next cycle after the 3840-year cycle occurs every 3600 x 3840 years. (3600 is 60 squared, besides the fact that it is 10 times 360). The next and last cycle is 6400 times the preceding figure. (6400 is 80 squared). The number 60 speaks of the number of man, and the number 80 of the new creation, since both are simply a magnification of '6' and '8'. (This is a common practice in the bible that we cannot delve into right now, but see Dan. 9 for a good example.) Hence, the following is the fundamental meaning behind the numbers in the full 360-calendar: "The new-creation Man (Jesus) reigning over the 12 tribes of Israel in a new creation forever.' 

Moreover, these last two exponentially larger cycles of 'times 3600 times 6400' increases the total said 3840-year cycle by 23,040,000 times, which is 4800 squared! (Recall the 480 x 12 years from the creation until Y2K). The basic unit of 480 is ever so important, not just because it makes 12 generations in 480 years, but also because there are 84 leap months accumulated in that very span of time, which is exactly 7 years. (84 months x 30 days = 2520 days, and 7 years of 360 days = 2520). The number '7' is the number of perfection and completion. Hence, putting it all together (and this is just the tip of the ice berg!), the meaning is clear: "'The perfect new Man (reigning over the 12 tribes of Israel) perfectly for all eternity.' The idea of "eternity" is brought out by the fact that the last cycle of 'times 80 squared' only occurs approximately every 88 billions years! Like eternity, this is very long time indeed, and without calendar-end in site either, with the number '88' emphasizing the fact that this 'new creation' ('88') will last forever, (Rev. 21-22). 

So then, the 480 x 12 (or, 40 x 12 x 12) from the creation of the world until Y2K (according to the calendar of the Jews used today) is a true sign that the Jewish Messiah---Jesus (Yeshua) is coming soon---so don't lose hope! 

God has sent this revelation because of His great love for His people, and He does not want us to grow weary as we wait for His soon coming reign. Even so come Lord Jesus!  Y2K, as a major world event, did not happen as expected. (Though the technical glitches on the computer clocks did). Nor did Jesus' return to earth on this 2000-year anniversary as some may have secretly hoped. But Y2K as a sign still holds true---and as a sign, it shall not fail. Time (like the clocks of Y2K) may have to be adjusted, and so might the time of His return (as viewed from our perspective)---but ultimately, it will be right on time according to the predetermined plan of God the Father. But when that time will be---don't guess, because, just as Y2K was an embarrassment to so many, so will predicting the return of Jesus Christ be if you sin by setting dates. Instead, be satisfied with the sign of what Y2K meant---That is, that the eternal reign of Jesus is at hand---wait for it, but don't set dates: Like Y2K, God reserves the right to put back or forward His prophetic clock!





Further detail for those who would reflect a little more on the meaning of the numbers revealed in the calendar as they relate to the reign of Jesus, "the son of David," (Luke 2:4; 18:38):
David began his reign (1011 BC) 7 x 430 years before Y2K, (Israel spent 430 years in Egypt).
David fled from Saul before David became king, 480 days, (1Sam. 27:6). (Saul had reigned 40 years).
12 x 40 (480) is a calendar number.
40 is a generation, and both David, and the son of David (Solomon) reigned 40 years:
40 years is the main calendar base cycle.
Both David and Solomon had a distinct 7-year period of great significance in their 40-year reigns. (David reigned just over Judah the first 7-years of his reign, [2Sam.2:11]. Solomon spent 7-years to build the temple (967-960 BC) (or, 966-959 BC)---the triumph of his career. It was built 480 years after the Exodus, (1Kgs. 6:1), and 480 x 2 years before the birth of Jesus! 
12 x 40 (480) is a calendar number
480 x 3 = 4 x 360 too.
(Note: 4 times 4 more years = 5760 years --- the number of years from the Creation till Y2K.)
 7 x 8 x 8 x 8 years = 3840---i.e., the first large calendar cycle. 
Similarly, the remaining two cycles of 4800 squared = 75 squared x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8.
The total figure, therefore, will do the same as 100 x 73 x 8
The total volume of space for the temple was 36,000 cubits, (60 x 20 x 30 cubits, 1Kgs. 6:2, 19).
360 is an obvious calendar number, but so are the 3 dimensions that made up the temple:
the holy place (24,000 cubic cubits), the most holy place (8,000 cubic cubits), the remaining space above the most holy place, (4,000 cubic cubits). Also, the brazen alter, (4,000 cubic cubits, 2Chron. 4:1). (Also see Rev. 21:16-17).
Even the number of men conscripted to work on the temple is significant:
150,000 + 3,600 foremen, a total of 153,600 men, (2Chron. 2:2, 17-18).
( All three of these numbers are very important to the calendar.) 
For instance, the 40-year cycle breaks off into two branches for intercalating the month, either as the 3840-year cycle, or the 4000-year cycle. These two cycles multiplied by each other (4000 times 3840) equals 15,360,000, or 100 times the amount of men conscripted. This means that 153,600 (men) is a multiple of all possible cycles above the 40-year basic unit! For instance, the last cycle of the 3840-year branch occurs every 88 billion years, or 88,473,600,000 years to be exact. 88,473,600,000 years divided by 153,600 amounts to 576,000. You might recall that there were 5,760 years (or, one-hundredth of 576,000) from the Jewish creation unto Y2K. Hence, 576,000 is divisible by 48,000.
 As a matter of fact, the 153,600 men, too, is divisible by 480, (480 x 8 x 40 = 153,600). Interestingly, only one-third this figure (51,200) was working on temple matters at any one time, (that is, 80 x 80 x 8 = 51,200), the remaining would stay at home, (that is, 320 squared), (1Kgs. 5:14). The point is that the figure 153,600 is an extremely well suited large number to harmonize with the 360 calendar. Its breakdown of 150,000 + 3,600 only highlights this the more. As does the further breakdown of the 150,000 into 70,000 + 80,000, since the accumulated leap months of both branches of calendars lines also work along the theme of 7 x 8 years. Also, the final cycle in both calendars is 153.6 trillion, which is 153,600 x one-billion!!!
 Other examples, such as David's fighting men of 288,000 (144,000 x 2, or, 600 x 480) could be mentioned, but this should suffice, (1Chron. 27:1-15; Rev. 7:1-8).
Click here for other examples, such as the fact that the tabernacle tent curtains were made out of 1260 x 2 square cubits of material.


David died, and Solomon rose to the throne exactly 1000 years before the Jesus' death, resurrection and exaltation to the throne of God, (971 BC to AD 30). (The 40 years of each of their reigns, in turn, fall forward 1000 years exactly onto the generation of Christ, and onto the generation after Christ that ended with the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.
Note the 4000-year calendar. It represents 4 days, ('a day for each 1000 years'). The Book of Revelation states that Jesus shall reign "1000 years," (Rev. 20:6). And then for all eternity, (Rev. 22:5). (The 4000-year cycle is divided by 1000-year units as well---not by leap month adjustments, but internally as studied elsewhere.)
David began his reign at age 30-years, as did Jesus.
There are 30 days in a month, and "a day is as a year." The 30 years of Jesus represent the leap month added at the end of every 6-year cycle of the 360 calendar. Abraham---the father of all Jews---was born 6 x 360 years before the birth of Jesus, (2166 to 6 BC). Thus, the 30 years of Jesus life forms, as days, the leap month that is added at the end of every 2160 days (6 years). (The same can be said for the Exodus, 1446 BC, which is 4 x 360 years before the birth of Jesus---if we view Jesus' birth as the end of a given 40-year cycle rather than at its beginning. Ponder the basic 40-year cycle below for further clarity.) 


The 40-year Cycle of the 360 Prophetic Calendar

1st leap-month
2nd leap-month
3rd leap-month
4th leap-month
5th leap-month
6th leap-month
7th leap-month
at end of 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 6-years 4-years
2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 2,190 days 1,470 days
40 years of 14,610 days
14,610 days = 365.25 days x 40 years 

Thus, the 6th cycle of 6 years is followed by a 7th cycle only 4 years long---for a total of 40 years, (a "generation" in the bible). (6 x 6 = 36 years, + 4 years = 40 years.) The effect is to place emphasis upon the 6th and 7th cycle since the 6th cycle of 6 years precedes the special seventh cycle of only 4 years, which in turn concludes the 40-year cycle. 


One last point: 

The Exodus is equal in importance to the Creation for being a primary starting point for the counting down of years, (cf. Ex. 12:2, 1Kgs. 6:1, etc.) The Jewish traditional date for the Exodus is 1313 BC. From 1313 BC to the very week of Y2K are exactly 3,360 years (of 360 days), and 3,360 years equals 84 generations, (84 x 40 = 3360 years). Therefore, from the Creation unto Y2K are 12 x 12 (144) generations, and from the Exodus unto Y2K are 12 x 7 (84) generations. Both of these figures are key time frames within the structure of the prophetic calendar itself.


The final seventh reason 'why Y2K was a sign
 of the prophetic 360-day calendar'

shall be put out at a later time.


A few technical notes:

1. New-years day of Nisan (Abib) 1st (morning) of the 360 calendar landed on March 10, 1446 BC (Gregorian calendar, but which was March 23 Julian). (March 10th on the conventional Jewish calendar that year was about Adar 12.) The Julian day # is 1193352. (That day, therefore, symbolized as AD 1 as explained later.)

2. The 3840-year cycle began when they entered Egypt in 1446 BC. The alternate 4000-year cycles began in 4006 BC at the Creation. Both Creation (as in 4006 BC) and the Exodus (1446 BC) run along the same 40-year cycles. Therefore, the 4000-year calendar and the 3840-year calendar mesh with each other and compliment one another. They do not conflict with each other at all.

3. You may find it interesting that the great tsunami that killed 300,000 on Dec. 26, 2004 was 1,260,000 days (Rev. 12) from Nisan 14 (360-calendar) of the Passover of the Exodus, and eve of the 10th plague upon Egypt. Click here for more on that.





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Conclusion and Endnotes




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Perfection! The 3840-year cycle is more accurate than the round 4000-year cycles. However, either as 4000-year cycles that begin from Creation (4006 BC), or 3840-year cycles that begin from the Exodus (1446 BC), the 360-calendar yields a stream of biblical numbers that interlock with each other without conflicting with each other. 

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