Bible-Prophecy Year
of 360 Days



Steps 1 of 3 of the basic 40-year cycle


There are only three simple steps or stages of increasing accuracy that must be learned.
 Once learned, 90% of all prophetic study to do with times and seasons will be understood.
Nevertheless, the remaining steps of our calendar study are the most fascinating.


Step 1---accuracy level of 360-days in a year

360 days in a year?

Step 2 ---accuracy level of 365-days in a year 

Step 3 ---accuracy level of 365.25-days in a year 

Supplement --- The 40-year cycle

Step 4 ---accuracy level of 365.2425-days in a year 

Step 5 ---accuracy level of 365.2422-days in a year 

Step 6 ---accuracy level of 365.2421896-days in a year 

Step 7 ---accuracy level of 365.24218967-days in a year 

Perfection! The alternative 3840-year cycle  



Step 1: Prophetic year of 360 days: (Non-adjusted)

(One-year cycles)

Many believe that the 360 prophetic calendar should not be adjusted by leap months at all, but rather should be left to simply lag behind the solar year by the difference of 5.2422 days per year. (365.2422 less 360 = 5.2422 days.) But clearly this is not the whole story. God both adjusts and does not adjust the 360 calendar to the true solar year. There are seven major adjustments. Only the first three are crucial to understand. These adjustments occur in increasing levels of accuracy. Each level interacts with the other. 


Simple One-year Cycles

12 months in a year, 30 days in a month, 360 days in a year.

In 6 years there are 360 x 6 = 2160 days; and in 1000 years 360,000 days, etc. 
The 360 calendar is simply left to lag behind the actual solar year. 


Our Approach:

It conveniently happens that, general speaking, each successive past civilization utilized a round figure for a solar year that is in agreement with the successive complexities of our 360 Prophetic Calendar.  For instance, the Egyptians used an round 365-day year, the Romans a 365.25-year, our modern Gregorian calendar has a 365.2422-year. The prophetic 360-calendar utilizes these approximate solar years too, but ultimately surpasses them on its course toward perfection. As we journey in our examination of the Prophetic Calendar, we will do so one step at a time with each step paralleling the progress of ancient civilizations in their effort towards a more accurate clock (calendar). 


To Step 2
 of the basic 40-year cycle:




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