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Seven Reasons Why the Prophetic Solar Year 
is Set to Y2K-Day


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Why Y2K?

In detail:


Reasons One to Three

Reason Number Four (a & b)

Reason Number Five (a)

Reason Number Five (b)

Reason Number Six & Seven

Conclusion and Endnotes


Let us review everything:

(Answered in increasing order of importance and complexity)

 Y2K is the only logical day to reveal the length of a prophetic solar year because:

  1. On a personal level, the Holy Spirit revealed to me in the fall of 1998 that the then upcoming Y2K was to be a sign by God of both the delaying and speeding of time simultaneously in a way incomprehensible to man.
  2. More importantly, Y2K was a universal sign for all men. It signified the looping of time (by the computers) as if that day were frozen in time, it were as if the motions of the sun and moon were constant constant in their orbits forever the motions of the sun and moon were constant constant in their orbits forever the motions of the sun and moon were constant constant in their orbits forever (instead of their slight but steady drift off).
  3. Y2K is simply the best and obvious pick for setting the prophetic clock to since it was popularly viewed as the end of the second millennium. It was also the choice of scientist in fixing their own solar calculations.
  4. There are 4000 years from the birth of Jacob until Y2K, and 4000 years is an important intercalary cycle of the prophetic calendar, etc. Furthermore, it can be shown that Y2K back unto itself in the mirror is also 4000 years. (Point "4" is greatly reinforced by this next point.)
  5. Based upon the prophecy of the "490" years of Daniel 9:24-27, a gap or freeze in the prophetic time clock is commonly recognized. The last seven years of the 490 is said to be separated from the other 483 years by an indefinite period known as "The Church Age," or "The Age of Grace." Therefore, just as this 490 speaks of the freezing of time, so does Y2K; for it was as if the orbiting speeds of the earth and moon on this day were frozen forever, with the looping of the world's computer clocks a sign of the same. Moreover, Y2K is amazingly aligned with the 490 years of this prophecy both thematically and numerically.
  6. Very Importantly, Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was 5760 years from the Jewish traditional date (used in their own calendar) for the creation of the world. It happens that 5760 years is:
    144 generations of 40 years
    or, 480 x 12
    or, 360 x 16
    And it is also 6 generations of 40 years short of 6000 years. 

    Each of the above combination of numbers are important to the 360 calendar. This is no small proof that the year of Y2K is that year (and day) chosen by God to reveal the full details of the 360 calendar, since the 360 calendar (as based on the solar year set to Y2K) is in perfect harmony with the number of years from the creation to Y2K.

    ***(The full detailed article on this 6th point is worth reading. It also explains the symbolism behind the numbers used in the 360 calendar, and in '5760 years.')***

    7. Is forthcoming, Lord willing.


Hence, Y2K (and especially the day following it---and for very good reasons---) is clearly the most logically day to reveal this mystery, indeed it is the very day prophesied of whereon this mystery would be revealed. That is, Y2K day is the day that scientists choose to set their own calculations by---which calculation (i.e., of the average solar year) happens to be the same as the prophetic solar year. How do we know that this (365.242189669536 days) is truly the prophetic solar year? The incredibly complex network of patterns that results proves this beyond any reasonable doubt. If one incredibly sophisticated key unlocks all the doors in the Masters house, shall we be foolish enough to look for another?

And He that spoke the heavens into existence has made this fact doubly certain in that even if we allow for the gradual shortening of an average solar year over the ages, (rather than as constant at Y2K), scientists determine the length of an average solar year at c. 4001 BC (the approximate date of Creation) as 365.24250 days.4 This figure "happens" to precisely be the very length of a solar year of the 40 and 4000-year cycles of the prophetic calendar without the adjustments of the larger ever-broadening cycles of time. (This is also the length of the Gregorian solar year that we use today; its cycles of 4 and 400-years are much the same. Both the leap-month and leap-day systems of amending the year are from the Lord, and compliment one another---even unto eternity.). Furthermore, is it not significant that the first grand cycle (of 4000 years) ended at the birth of Jesus? And now, 6,000-years later, (i.e. at Y2K-day, to be exact), the solar year has slowed slightly from what it was at the Creation so that now it "happens" to be the very eternal coordinates of that which we are discussing---i.e...., with its ever-broadening cycles of time. Hence, the last 6,000 years has spanned time and eternity, which is like 6 days to the Lord!

Following this 6,000 years is the 1000-year reign of Christ as prophesied in the Bible (Rev. 21:1-10) wherein the full 7,000-year Creation cycle will be completed. But for how much longer will He delay in bringing in this golden age, we cannot tell.

"He who testifies these things says, Yes, I am coming quickly, Amen. 
Yes, come, Lord Jesus," (Rev. 22:20).

The fact that the patterns are traceable into all eternity is a sign of the new covenant promise given to Israel that they shall never cease as a nation before Him; and hence it is a portent of the soon engrafting of the Jew in mass back into its own vine stalk again, and of the resurrection of the dead.

"Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar-- the LORD of hosts is his name: If this fixed order were ever to cease from my presence, says the LORD, then also the offspring of Israel would cease to be a nation before me forever," (Jer. 31:35, 36, NRSV).


Also see important note about how the geological ages fit in perfectly with the large cycles of the 4000-year calendar.


   What does an "average" solar year mean?

Simply put, scientists take the "average" of the four seasonal points [i.e., the two equinoxes and the two points in between them] to come up with this very precise figure. Since the earth is round and divided into 360 degrees, thus it is the average of these four points---the "0" point (i.e., 360 degrees), the 90-degrees point, the 180 degrees, and the 270-degrees point. That is, God has taken the average of the figurative "four corners of the earth" so frequently mentioned in the Bible to be the exact coordinates of the prophetic clock, (see Rev. 7:1).

It is only logically that God would set the prophetic calendar to the average of these 4 points since the prophetic calendar is itself based on various cycles of 4 (as already said) and uses a 360-day year---agreeing with the 4 seasons and the 360 degrees of the earth. The use of averages in this way is common in the numbers. For instance, the average date of the four decrees of Daniel's prophecy of the 490 years comes to 490 BC.

Normally, a calendar would be set to the spring (vernal) equinox, currently at 365.24238, which is expected to level out in 1,500 years between 365.2424 and 365.2425 days. However, this means that the prophetic calendar is nevertheless accurate at this lower level of precision too, using the 40 and 4000-year cycles, if set only to the spring equinox rather than the average of all four points of the zodiac.

You may verify both of these figures---the average solar year of 365.2421896698, and the vernal equinox year of  365.24238 by simply typing one or the other into an internet search engine. Though I have found on the internet other slightly differing lengths for an average tropical year, however the one used in this document seems to be the one most widely used and accepted.



A side note:
The New EC Currency

The new EC currency went into effect the year before Y2K---which is a precursor to the mark of the beast "666"---as many prophecy students believe, (cf., Rev. 13:18). The 12th member (Greece was added) the year after Y2K.

"On January 1, 1999, eleven of the countries in the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) gave up their own currencies and adopted the new Euro (EUR) currency: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Greece followed suit on January 1, 2001." 

Thus, the new Euro was introduced Jan1st, (Fri. Tevet the 13th), 1999, which was therefore 666 x 3 years to the anniversary of when Jesus was circumcised and named "Jesus" on the 8th day. The name Jesus, as it is well know, adds up to 888 in gematria, in contrast to how the name of the beast is said to add up to 666 (Rev. 13:18, see the next verse). Moreover, in the mirror (due to the time zones of Europe) as the new Euro rolled in it was 666 x 6 years back to itself in the mirror, and it was Fri. the 13 in the Jewish calendar (i.e., Jan. 1).

So what is the point?

The point is that both Y2K and the commencement of the Euro exactly 365 days before that---are both a sign to do with the last days---and the bible numbers bring out the meaning of both perfectly. This does not mean that the seven-year tribulation period has started---only that these are signs signaling its approaching. As to when---no man knows.





1 Though there are 160 years between the births of Abraham and Jacob (4 x 40 years), yet Jacob was the 3rd generation literally speaking. This is rectified by the fact that Jacob's grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, are reckoned as if his own immediate sons (Gen. 48:5), thereby figuratively speaking making Jacob's birth the 4th generation since Joseph's birth, (the true father of the two), is thereby reckoned as Jacob's birth. Such a notion of one man's life reckoned for another is not uncommon in scripture and ultimately points to Jesus Christ---the great substitute.

2 The 215-year variance simply repeats the patterns in another way so as to retain the same meaning. For instance, Jacobs birth will be 1791 BC instead of 2006 BC, and 77 years later therefore is 1714 BC when he worked for a wife. The following patterns emerge. (Note for the following that 1260 days days is half of seven years, see Rev. 12:6 as quoted earlier. And the last seven years of the 490 of Daniel 9:27 is also thus divided. This is by common interpretation among scholars.)


1791 BC (birth) + 1260 (+2) years = 529 BC (first pair of decrees).

1714 BC (flees from brother, works for a wife seven years) + 1260 (+2) years = 452 BC (second pair).

The excess of 2() years likely will figure in similar to how it did in the above table called "Further Details.) It is part of the "time, times, and half a time" scheme.) See also, for instance, 529 BC + 1260 x 2 (+ 7 years) = Y2K. 

The dividing of the last week of Daniel's 70th "week" (seven) is clearing what is intended by this 1260 years (+ 2). Furthermore, this 1260 years represents the dividing of the seven years (i.e., 1260 days) that Jacob worked for a wife. This is brought out in the fact that from the 1791 BC birth until the mirror of when he fled to Haran are 3,500 years + 3.5 years. Therefore, there are 3,500 years to the mirror of the middle of the seven years (i.e., 3.5 years) that Jacob worked for a wife. (I.e., 3,500 is half 7,000 years, "...a thousand years is as a day," etc.)

This is further emphasized by the fact that from 1714 BC (flees to Haran), back unto itself in the mirror are 490 x 7 (less 3.5) years! (i.e., 70 x 7 x 7 years), so that the last of the seven 490's (less the seven years of the 490 of Daniel) intersects and divides in half the seven years that Jacob labored for a wife! 

Therefore, we see the 3, (which is half of 7), written in 4 different ways so as to affirm one another:

1) The 1260 (+2) years,

2) The 3,500 years,

3) The 490 x 7 years,

4) All the above intersecting the middle of the 7 years Jacob worked for a wife.

Perhaps one may argue that the jubilees of 49 (and therefore 490 too), must start at the conquest of Canaan (1406 BC), rather than the Exodus 40 years earlier. Though it is clear to me that the jubilees can commence both places, nevertheless for arguments sake the following is noted: 

There are also 490 x 7 years from 1406 BC to 2026 BC/AD (in mirror), which was the marriage of Jacob's father Isaac, as told in detail in Gen. 24. He was married 70 x 2 years after his father Abraham was born, and 40 years after his own birth. His marriage has much the same symbolic meaning as Jacob's.

Moreover, in the -215 mode (of the LXX & NT), from Isaac's wedding to Y2K are 1260 + 1260 + 1290 years, etc.




3. Further details on Lamech and Jacob and the 777-year patterns. (See previous note too):


From the birth of Lamech until the Entry less the 215 years of the LXX (and New Testament) version now means: 

3215 BC (LXX/NT Birth of Lamech) less 777 years equals his death in 2438 BC (5 years before the Flood).

Less another 777 years = 1661 BC (LXX/NT Entry, with 5 years left of 7 year famine.)

Backing up 2 years to the start of this 7 years famine (2 years before Entry) brings us to 1663 BC (the end of 7 years plenty and start of 7 years famine.) 

1663 BC less 777 years = 886 BC (Note the 888 to mirror of Jesus birth),

less another 777 x 2 = AD 669 (Note the 666 to mirror of Jesus birth),

another 777 brings us to AD 1446 (The mirror of the Exodus.)

(And note, 1663 BC is 7 x 7 x 7 years from the 2006 BC date for Jacob's birth!)

Thus from the start of the 7-year famine (+ 2 years till Entry), + 777 x 4 = the Exodus (in the mirror), wherein God had promised them that they would be in Egypt 4 generations.

If this were not enough, as either from the spr. 3430 BC date of Lamech's birth, or the 215 less (i.e., the 3215 date), plus a full prophetic 14 year period of years (i.e., 1260 + 1290 x 2 years) = AD 1671 (or plus the 215 variation = AD 1886)---which is the start of the 7 + 7 (14) actual years of the famine and plenty (in the mirror). Hence, 14 years of years intersects with 14 ordinary years.

However, there is actually a half-year discrepancy. But this makes things more glorious! All dates before the Exodus can be put back half a year (except the Entry). (See "Chronology" for why.) And this half-year will correct things. A careful examination reveals that this patterns is pivoted perfectly.

For instance, since Jacob's father died at the age of 180 (Gen. 35:28), and since this was one year before the 7 years of plenty began, therefore, the 14 years of years also lands on the mirror of the death of Isaac (Jacob's father). Thus, the 14, or 14 years of famine, intersects with the now 14, or 14 years of years from Lamech's birth, because 180 (days/years) is half of a prophetic year of 360, etc., etc., etc!!! 

Still greater patterns than these to do with Lamech and the 490 are found in "Chronology," including exactly to the day 4,900 years (i.e., 70 squared) from Lamech's death to itself in the mirror---in all possible ways; as well as 4,900 and 777 years until the Entry into Egypt---both the 1661 and 1876 BC dates---each, etc.



Further Details on Lamech and the 777-pattern,
and Why the "2 + 5-year" Famine (& Flood) Formula

The pattern is yet more complex and follows the 5 + 2 = 7-year pattern (as at the Flood), or the reverse (i.e., 2 + 5 = 7 years as at the famine of Joseph). 

From Lamech till the they entered Egypt, as said, was 2 x 777 years, therefore with 5 x 777 remaining until the mirror of Jacob's birth. 

Likewise, from Lamech until  the decree of 458 (of the prophecy of Daniel) in the mirror are 5  x 777 (plus two years) with 2 x 777 therefore remaining. (And see the average of the second pair of decrees at 452 BC in the mirror [+ 3.5], etc.)


These figures can be shown to be exact in every way since there is a two-year chronological option recorded in the bible at the Flood (Gen. 11:10 with Gen. 5:32), the affect of which will cause the 2 year discrepancy at 458 BC (AD) to disappear, but increase the 3.5-year discrepancy at Jacobs' birth to 5 years. But again we are working with the 2 and 5 years, which therefore shows yet more intricate design! The further half-year that all events prior to the Exodus can be pushed back makes it's accuracy flawless.

4  Scientists estimate that the solar year was 365.24250 days around 4000 BC. 

"...All agree, however, that due to the gravitational dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Moon system the length of the tropical year (however defined) is changing slowly. The length of the tropical year on 2000-01-01 is calculated by some astronomers to be 365.24218967 days, but at this level of precision the value depends on the definition of the concept. The value changes significantly with the millennia, however, as follows (according to a formula in common use among astronomers):



  Year           Length of tropical year in days
 -5000           365.24253
 -4000           365.24250
 -3000           365.24246
 -2000           365.24242
 -1000           365.24237
     0           365.24231
  1000           365.24225
  2000           365.24219
  3000           365.24213
  4000           365.24207
  5000           365.24201


Thus the value of the tropical year varies over this 10,000-year time-span by as much as .00052 days (about 45 seconds)." (Quoted off the Internet, "The Julian and the Gregorian Calendar" by Peter Meyer. The highlighting is mine.)


Why Y2K?

In detail:


Reasons One to Three

Reason Number Four (a & b)

Reason Number Five (a)

Reason Number Five (b)

Reason Number Six & Seven

Conclusion and Endnotes


Also see Bible Numbers 

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---- 1915* 1955* 1995* 2035* 2075*  Mar. 6  Apr. 5  Sept. 2  Oct. 2
---- 1916 1956 1996 2036 2076  Feb. 29  Mar. 30  Aug.  27  Sept. 26
---- 1917 1957 1997 2037 2077  Feb. 23  Mar. 25  Aug. 22  Sept. 21
---- 1918 1958 1998 2038 2078  Feb. 18  Mar. 20  Aug. 17  Sept. 16
---- 1919 1959 1999 2039 2079  Feb. 13  Mar. 15  Aug. 12  Sept. 11
---- 1920 1960 2000 2040 2080  Feb. 8  Mar. 9  Aug. 6  Sept. 5
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---- 1922 1962 2002 2042 2082  Feb. 27  Mar. 29  Aug. 26  Sept. 25
---- 1923 1963 2003 2043 2083  Feb. 22  Mar. 24  Aug. 21  Sept. 20
---- 1924 1964 2004 2044 2084  Feb. 17  Mar. 18  Aug. 15  Sept. 14
---- 1925 1965 2005 2045 2085  Feb. 12  Mar. 13  Aug. 10  Sept. 9
---- 1926 1966 2006 2046 2086  Feb. 6  Mar. 8  Aug. 5  Sept. 4
---- 1927* 1967* 2007* 2047* 2087*  Mar. 3   Apr. 2   Aug. 30  Sept. 29
---- 1928 1968 2008 2048 2088  Feb. 26  Mar. 27  Aug. 24  Sept. 23
---- 1929 1969 2009 2049 2089  Feb. 20  Mar. 22  Aug. 19  Sept. 18
---- 1930 1970 2010 2050 2090  Feb. 15  Mar. 17  Aug. 14  Sept. 13
---- 1931 1971 2011 2051 2091  Feb. 10  Mar. 12  Aug. 9  Sept. 8
---- 1932 1972 2012 2052 2092  Feb. 5  Mar. 6  Aug. 3  Sept. 2
---- 1933* 1973* 2013* 2053* 2093*  Mar. 1  Mar. 31  Aug. 28  Sept. 27
---- 1934 1974 2014 2054 2094  Feb. 24  Mar. 26  Aug. 23  Sept. 22
---- 1935 1975 2015 2055 2095  Feb. 19  Mar. 21  Aug. 18  Sept. 17
---- 1936 1976 2016 2056 2096  Feb. 14  Mar. 15  Aug. 12  Sept. 11
---- 1937 1977 2017 2057 2097  Feb. 8  Mar. 10  Aug. 7  Sept. 6
---- 1938 1978 2018 2058 2098  Feb. 3  Mar. 5  Aug. 2  Sept. 1
---- 1939* 1979* 2019* 2059* 2099*  Feb. 28  Mar. 30  Aug. 27  Sept. 26
1900 1940 1980 2020 2060 ----  Feb. 23  Mar. 24  Aug. 21  Sept. 20
1901 1941 1981 2021 2061 ----  Feb. 17  Mar. 19  Aug. 16  Sept. 15
1902 1942 1982 2022 2062 ----  Feb. 12  Mar. 14  Aug. 11  Sept. 10
1903 1943 1983 2023 2063 ----  Feb. 7  Mar. 9  Aug. 6  Sept. 5
1904 1944 1984 2024 2064 ----  Feb. 2  Mar. 3   July  31   Aug. 30 
1905* 1945* 1985* 2025* 2065* ----  Feb. 26  Mar. 28  Aug. 25  Sept. 24
1906 1946 1986 2026 2066 ----  Feb. 21  Mar. 23  Aug. 20  Sept. 19
1907 1947 1987 2027 2067 ----  Feb.16  Mar. 18  Aug. 15  Sept. 14
1908 1948 1988 2028 2068 ----  Feb.11  Mar. 12  Aug. 9  Sept. 8
1909 1949 1989 2029 2069 ----  Feb.5  Mar. 7  Aug. 4  Sept. 3
1910 1950 1990 2030 2070 ----  Jan. 31  Mar. 2  July 30  Aug. 29
1911* 1951* 1991* 2031* 2071* ----  Feb. 25  Mar. 27  Aug. 24  Sept. 23
1912 1952 1992 2032 2072 ----  Feb. 20  Mar. 21  Aug. 18  Sept. 17
1913 1953 1993 2033 2073 ----  Feb. 14  Mar. 16  Aug. 13  Sept. 12
1914 1954 1994 2034 2074 ----  Feb. 9  Mar. 11  Aug. 8  Sept. 7
1915* 1955* 1995* 2035* 2075* ----  Mar. 6  Apr. 5   Sept. 2  Oct. 2

(Also see "the alternate one-month lag", as seen here in the lighter columns.)

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