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With the 360-day calendar of Bible prophecy (6pm to 6pm)

Example: Just after midnight, the start of Dec. 21, 2012, corresponds to "Day 21.25" of 360 Calendar,
which is six hours into the 21st day of the 10th or 11th month, and is Teveth 8th on Hebrew calendar.


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360-Calendar from Exodus -- Datum begins year of Exodus from Egypt, 1446 BC
  Day:   Month:      Year: of 40-year cycle: of 4,000-year cycle:  is a
360-Calendar from Christ -- Datum begins year of Christ's birth, 6 BC. (Cycle "1" from 4006 BC)
  Day:   Month:      Year: of 40-year cycle: of 4,000-year cycle:  is a
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Ancient Egyptian:  Day begins 6am : of     Year:     Sothic year:  
Other Calendars:          Link to 364-day Enoch Cal.
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French Republican: Année de la République/Mois deDécade Jour

  Adapted from Formilab's Calendar Converter. Technical help by Daniel Roth.

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