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Why "360-days"?



What is special about 360 days in a year? 

The number 360 is an extremely versatile number. In the ancient world, the number 6 and 60 were the base for most measurements and commerce. The number six, for instance, is divisible by three numbers (1, 2, and 3), and six is the total of these same three numbers too, (1 + 2 + 3 = 6). The number 360 is similarly versatile being 6 x 60 (= 360), and is perfect for creating intricate, yet flexible, numeric patterns. (See "The Writing on the Wall" for more on this subject.) The question raised by the critic is not whether '360' is versatile for creating patterns, (for this goes without saying), but: "Are earth's cycles around the sun (a solar year) really synchronized to an exact 360 year?" For if this can be shown to be true, then all must conclude that God created the heavens and earth with meaning and purpose, just as the bible says, and that the heavens are not the result of random chance events, (i.e., by evolution and the so called "big bang".) 

For instance, the average solar year on Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was exactly 365.2421896698. (To be explained later). Some scientists see this odd number as an example of meaningless random chance. "If God created the heavens," says the skeptic, "then why isn't the number of days in the year, say, an exact 360 days?" "Why not 360.0000000000... days in a year rather than the odd number that it actually is?"

The skeptic asks a reasonable question. An orderly world indicates an intelligent Creator; but odd numbers like 365.2421896698 days in a year implies randomness. However, if it can be shown that there are exactly 360.0000000000 days in a solar year4---we would then demonstrate order in our solar system of unbounded magnitude; but of course this cannot be proven---or can it?

Our objective is to show this and more. For while there are certainly not 360 days in a true solar year, nevertheless the true figure of 365.2421896698 is so perfectly synchronized to an exact 360, that it might as well be. This odd number of 365.2421896698 works hand-in-glove with 360.0000000000. The 360-day cycle without the 365.2422 year is just wishful thinking, and the 365.2422 year without the 360-day cycle is hopelessly without meaning. Both need each other to be complete.

In the first section of our study, we will restrict ourselves to the accuracy level of our modern calendar of 365.2425 so as to remain on uncontested ground. This accuracy level is all that is needed to prove that the 360-calendar is of divine origin. After demonstrating this, we will go on to ponder the full scope of the calendar---both its perfect accuracy and its boundless biblical patterns.


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4 What 360.0000000000 days in a solar year would be to the ancient world is what 100.00000000 would be to us today since they used the '6' based system, but we the '10'. This number '360.0000000000' is a combination of both the '6' based system and of our modern '10' based system, and is common to the bible. If the orbit of the earth around the sun were exactly 100.0000000000 days---would this not be clear evidence for design? So it is with the 360.0000000000, except far more so---as we shall see!


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How did Israel become a nation, 1948,
360 x 7 years from when Ezekiel had his vision about the future temple, (Ezek. 40),
which is 1260 + 1260 years.


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